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Rat or Mouse Problem?
Our product the "Original
Ratzapper" was used all over
the world...killing mice and
rats on contact solving rodent,
mice and rat problems
Now Upgraded to
Raticator Plus & Max!
Hundreds of Testimonials
How our product easily eliminates
mouse and rat problems.
Use by the US military and many
businesses and home owners!
Nothing kills mice and rats faster,
cleaner, and safer!
The Ratzapper is GONE & Upgraded to:
The Raticator Plus (order online below)
Questions? Call 1 855 410 8797
Raticator Plus - USA MFG
A Rat, Mouse & Rodent Killing Machine
Kills on Contact...Nothing Like It...No Mess
Replaces the "Classic Ratzapper"
Simply bait with ordinary dry pet food (Kibble).
Kills on contact, light flashes when you've got it.
Never a mess, guts, or blood, its clean & safe.
Not like dangerous spring traps and poisons!
Easily kills Mice, Rats and Most Rodents
Since its built like a tunnel, rodents feel safe
(like their own home) entering in.
No need to look in when you have a kill, just tip
and dispose the dead rat (mouse or rodent).
We've had over 10 years experience selling the
Ratzapper, now this is the upgraded version!
Buy Here or Online:
Buy online go to
or order by phone 647-660-8880
Tons of testimonies, because it works!
The BEST solution for rodent control.
Uses 4 AA Alkaline Batteries (Not included)
The Raticator Plus uses 4 AA- batteries and
sophisticated electronic technology to deliver
a deadly shock to mice & rats. Approximately
50 kills with AA alkaline batteries. Ideal for use
at home, in the garage, at the office or
anywhere else you find infestations.
* Dimensions: approximately 4" x 4" X 10"
* 50+ kills, 6 Month Battery Life!
* The Raticator Plus is easy to use, and reusable
* Not an ultrasonic device
* Optional remote monitoring with the Raticator

The Original Ratzapper killing a 14" KingRat.
Just think of how much faster and better the
new Raticator Plus is!

This is what stops your mouse and rat problem!
We aren't the cheapest but the best!
To win any war, you must control the roadways/
bridges and kill the enemy, do the same here!
Solve the Rat Problem (mouse problem) by killing them fast with the Raticator Plus.
Stop them from moving around, by plugging holes mixing in steel wool, so they can't move
freely anymore....thus solving your rodent rat problem.
Remember the 2 Basic Steps in getting rid of your rat problem?

Step One

All you need is some steel wool, which is great for plugging holes around your home or business.Remember
that a rat can get through a hole about the size of a nickel and a mouse through the size of a dime. They do
not have shoulder blades, so their bodies can thin out and stretch, allowing them to get through small holes.

When you see a hole (especially near where the combat zone is, that area where you've seen the mess the
rat or mouse has made) plug the holes using a pencil or screw driver pushing the steel wool into the hole. To
hold it in place patch with cement or that expanding foaming gel sold in most hardware stores. Rats or mice
can't chew through the steel wool or get through it very easily.

Step Two

Purchase the Raticator here online or call your credit card order in to our sales office 1 855 410 8797.
The Raticator Plus is usually shipped out within 24 hours of your order. When it arrives, place your AA
batteries (please get lithium or alkaline) for way better value, and put some dry dog/cat food in for bait.

Raticator Plus is used in most circumstances for homes, small business. Takes 4 AA batteries (alkaline or
lithium only)

No mess, or blood, easy to operate...stops rodents in their tracks and solves your rat problem/mouse

Simply add 4 AA batteries, and turn on.
Red light on top of unit will briefly flash (on-off) showing that you have good batteries and that the unit is

Note: Red Light stays off until you have 'a kill' then it starts to flash.
Allowing you to know you've got one, without ever having to look inside.
Order by credit card to our rodent control specialists
Purchase Here both for shipping to United
States or Canada or International Orders
No More Old Traps
And Dangerous
Poisons - use the best,
and no more problems!
Questions? Or to Order by Credit Card by Phone:
Phone Toronto: (main)647-660-8880
Montreal 514-504-2334 or
Vancouver 604-259-2424
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Full U.S. Warranty
and USA Manufactured.
Purchase with confidence
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Full Canadian Warranty
USA Made - not off shore.
Purchase with confidence
Battery Tester $5.49
Extra Bait $2.49
Extra Customer Support $8.00
Faster Expedited Shipping
with Canada Post $4.49
Additional Support and Products
When using the Raticator Plus or Max, they use lithium
batteries that are not cheap. Usually, after many 'kills', you
start to have battery problems. There is NO need to throw out
all the batteries and get new ones. Just test them and you will
usually find only one of them that is shot and needs replacing.
And if you need a 'tester' with your order, just add it!

Needing extra bait to start? We give you some free to get you
going but if you want another package, just add it to your

Some asked for extra customer support. If you feel you need
some additional 'phone customer service' beyond the 30 days,
just add it to your order. 60 extra days.

For Canadian Orders
you can add: