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No more worried, sleepless nights.
Fearful of every noise and scratch sounds you hear.
These rat problems and mouse problems will be a thing of the past.


You've found the solution and some common sense to rid yourself
of this once and for all!
1) Steel Wool
2) Raticator (either the Plus or the bigger Max)
3) Rodent Tracker (maybe, if you can't find how they are getting in)

Rats & Mice get into some
areas of the house that
cause people to be afraid
to go into those rooms!

Stop it!

We have what always
works! An amazing
product & common
Raticator Plus
is now
Raticator S-Plus
Raticator Max
Adding Infrared
Targeting & more kick!
is now Raticator MaxV2
Call Toronto (Main) 647-660-8880
Under the
kitchen sink.

Rats and Mice often
find their way into the
In The
Cellar and

Rats and
Mice find
it easy to
get in.
Call (main) 647-660-8880
Our first product the Ratzapper (now
upgraded to the Raticator) see how it actually
catches the rats right in the act!
(photo below)
The Original Ultra
Ratzapper now
replaced with the
better Raticator Max!
A rat entering into
the Ratzapper. They
love going into the
'tunnel' like shape
and size of the
Ratzapper then and
of course the
Raticator Max now!
I never had a clue that I had rats at
the beach until my dog's food
started disappearing.

My RatZapper kills all my rats as
well as my neighbor's rats. There is
no end it seems! In this latest streak
I'm up to 4 rats in three days.

Attached is a photo of the last
moment of last night's rat using my
Moultrie night vision camera.

BTW, if you put the Rat Zapper on
the ground it gets the mice. I
eliminate rats when the zapper is
placed up high on my wood pile.

-Will in San Diego


Just got another one!
Believe it or not, after I replied to
you to give you permission to
print my first testimonial, I decided
(4 p.m.) to set the trap up again
just in case there was another rat
in the garage. I went back to open
a can of food for the cats at 5:30
p.m.; the red light was blinking
and another big tail was hanging
out the back of the trap! Two rats
in less than 12 hours! Made my
day...thank everyone there!


Barbara, Moss Beach,


I bought your invention about 3
weeks ago & thus far have gotten
rid of 4 intruders at my house. I'm
looking forward to cleansing my
whole backyard and eventually
will buy several more Rat Zappers
for my restaurants.
Congratulations to you on having
come up with this wonderful
device. A Device that actually
works! I'm sure you'll have great
success with it.

Sincerely yours,


I live in NYC, aka mouse heaven. I've
had the occasional mouse show up in
my apartment, but lately, it seems like
they have taken over.
Even when the place is spotless, they
still show up.

Within 5 minutes of my husband
setting up the rat zapper, a mouse was
caught! I'm so happy with this product!
Worth every penny!!
2 more were caught during the course
of the first night. I can walk around my
apartment like I'm the boss and not the


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